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Pinarello Bicycles

Pinarello Bicycles

The Pinarello Family: Day after day, year after year, their family tradition remains unchanged. A family and organization that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every new member respects their tradition and is consumed by the contagious passion that has fueled it for nearly 60 years.

The Pinarello People: Day after day, year after year their work and their passion are handed down to a new generation of craftsmen. A great family continually renews itself. New members grow up with humility, next to men who have worked together to learn and share the artisan tradition of their company: this is the real secret that keeps the tradition alive.

The Innovation: The company philosophy is one of continual innovation. Every day, they test new solutions to evolve and improve bicycles. They experiment with new materials and new ideas pushing the limits of bicycle science, all with inexhaustible passion because cycling is in their DNA.

The Technology: The ONDA fork is one of the distinctively unique features of Pinarello bicycles. First used on the Dogma in 2000, today ONDA forks are used throughout the line. The benefits that ONDA provides are immediate: precision carving on turns with stability, reduction of longitudinal and lateral shock, 5% more ridgity and more overall comfort.

Champions: Day after day, year after year, new cycling champions are united with their bicycles. A long and prestigious list of athletes has written a glorious history in our sport on Pinarello bicycles.

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