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Mountain Bike Demos & Rentals

proVelo Bicycles Demo program

We have a great selection of demo bikes from Santa Cruz, Yeti, Ibis, Giant, and LIV that will help you figure out the right bike for you before you make that final commitment.

You're also welcome to rent one of our demo bikes if you come to town on business or pleasure or if you simply want to know what it's like to ride a thoroughbred.

Here's a list of our current selection:

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Carbon Bronson - M, L, XL

Carbon 5010 - S, M, L

Hightower - M, L, XL 


ASR - S, M, L, XL

SB5 - S, M, L, XL

SB4.5 - M, L, XL

SB5.5 M, L


Mojo HD3 - S, M, L, XL

Ripley29 - M, L 


Trance S, M, L, XL


Pique XS, S, M


Carbon Bikes $125 for 24 hours

Aluminum Bikes $75 for 24 hours

There are discounts for multiple demos or rental days and all demo dollars can be applied to the purchase of a bike from proVelo Bicycles.

Call today to reserve a demo bike or ask questions about the program.


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